Friday, September 26, 2014

Funny Friday - Whose Line

Whose Line is it Anyway is one of the funniest damn shows on TV. The English version is good, the old American one is fantastic, and the new American one is just as good as the old. Improv is the best kind of comedy.

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See you Tuesday!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Why I Like Brave More Than Frozen

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Brave Grade: A
Frozen Grade: C

My homegirl (ok so we're not really homegirls but she's an amazing person and I'd love to be) Mayim Bialik wrote a blog post on the parenting website Kveller, detailing why she and her son's didn't like the Disney film, Frozen. There's been a lot of negative feedback since she wrote it and we moms gotta stick together. I agreed with the points she made, and decided I'd join in the argument.

Don't get me wrong, I like Frozen. I just don't love it. I LOVE Brave, but I don't LOVE Frozen. And I shall tell you why:

Friday, September 19, 2014

Funny Friday - Cooking Comically

My kids call me the "Kitchen Magician." I'm good at making candy, can make a meringue that you'll dream about for years, and can whip up a meal like nobody's business.

I Pin a lot of recipes and follow plenty of food blogs, always looking for new ways to cook for my family. Some of the funniest stuff I've ever found is people taking food seriously while not taking the task of making food seriously. Enter Cooking Comically by Tyler Capps. The recipes read like comic books, which makes them super fun and easy to follow along with. Loads of photos are helpful in making sure you're on the right step and getting good results. He also has a difficulty scale that slays me. "Cook Must be Can-Opener Certified." I think I can handle that.

Cooking Comically has a cookbook available, and it's currently perched on my Wish List. With recipe names like Sexy Pancakes, Happy Little Hasbrowns with Rob Boss (get it?), and Frad Chick'n Sammich, how could I not want it?

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hi-ho, Hi-ho....

I'm going back to work. I worked in a retail store until about 13 months ago, when I hit a breaking point and quit. I have now gone back to the same store in a different position than the one I held before, first shift. I didn't leave the job to write 'Snowbound,' but the idea for that novel fleshed itself out after years of owning real estate in my brain and I took advantage of the opportunity.

I'm excited for something to do with my time other than sit around watching Netflix documentaries, and as much as I love writing and working on my new project I do need something else to do with the many hours a week my children are at school.

Being a working mother is always hard but I've found it even harder to find ways to kill time without the boys in my hair all the time.

The new project is going very well, BTW. I have about 25,000 words so far. It will be hard to find the time to continue it, but not impossible. I mentioned in an interview with Amy Kampstra that I was working on a contemporary romance called Third Wheel, but that project stalled and I shelved it for now. I still have plans to finish that one, but in just the time since that interview I've started this new one. I've been writing about 5000 words at a crack, and hope it continues to work out this well for me as I go forward. I guess we'll see.

I have a few months of blog posts scheduled, and don't think I'll need to worry about coming up with new stuff for those of you who are interested ;) The way my brain works, there's never a dull moment.

See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Writing Tips - Show vs. Tell

Writers hear this phrase ad nauseum from middle school: "Show, don't tell." There are good reasons for it. An author who tells is of those things that can make you crazy as a reader.

Example of Telling:

Andrea was angry. She yelled.

Sounds a little 'Dick and Jane.' It's fine when you're in kindergarten, but as you get into reading chapter books it's patronizing.

Example of Showing:

Andrea's hands shook as she tried to control her rage. Her voice rose in pitch and grew louder and she bared her teeth, her lower jaw jutting out in irritation.

You saw that, didn't you?

Another example of Telling:

The walls were green, the carpet blue.


The drywall was painted a pale mint color in an eggshell finish. The carpet was a lurid electric blue that clashed with the wall's delicate color.

In the first sentence, you could have been picturing lime while the author pictured mint. The carpet in your head could have been robin's egg or royal. Showing allowed me to give you a mental image of exactly what I had in mind.

See you Friday!