Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bad Advice

I've gotten a lot of great advice in the last few years since I started to take my writing seriously. I've shared some of it on here, in my Writing Tips posts.

I've also gotten some shit advice. I shall share some of the shit today.

1. Write what you know.
I wrote a blog post about this a little earlier. This is the one thing every writer is told, early and often. But I think it's horseshit of a rather high order. Why? Because it's limiting. I grew up in a town of 300 people, received what I consider a mediocre education (I was a mediocre student, what can I say), and didn't travel much. I've never been outside the continental 48 states. So what do I know? Rural driving etiquette? Field dressing animals? 101 Ways to Make Gravy? I don't want to write about any of those, but there are a lot of things I didn't learn growing up that I want to write about. I don't know about them yet, but I can learn.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Writing Tips: Adverbs

 photo adverbs_zpswjpftcj5.jpg

I sometimes feel like there's a war going on in my head. I took Creative Writing classes in high school, but the rules can be different when you're writing professionally. There are certain rules we're taught in class that have to be broken and unlearned when you write fiction for a living. Adverbs are one of those rules.

Monday, April 13, 2015


Announcement for anyone who doesn't already know, Over the Line was selected for a publishing contract through Kindle Press, thanks to YOU, my very own Dear Readers!! I will have a release date soon!! THANK YOU TO ALL WHO NOMINATED!!!
If you did nominate it, check your email for a special thank you from me! Once I get the manuscript finalized you'll receive your FREE advance copy in your Amazon account very soon smile emoticon

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Truths Part II

There are some things in life that are so true they hurt. For me they are:

1. You can never have too many lip balms.

 photo 20150303_183616_zps17os0p12.jpg
Sad thing is, this isn't even half of them.
2. I may have a serious lip balm problem...

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Snowbound Update Available!

Earlier this year I edited Snowbound to fix some errors and issues with it, thinking it would be quick and that I wouldn't change a whole lot. I was wrong and wound up doing a pretty major edit. Also, the cover has changed, so I contacted Amazon about pushing the new version to those who had already purchased the old one.

Today I discovered (on my own because I have no patience) that the update has been made available. Here are instructions on how to update your copy so you can check out the awesome changes I've made!

Sign in to your Amazon account.
Hover over the button that says Hello, ____ Your Account"
You should see this (you might have to click on the little down arrow)

 photo AMAZON001_zpsnmbhyyah.png